Involved in an automobile accident, job related injury or other type of personal injury matter.

What should I do if I am involved in an automobile accident or other type of personal injury accident?

1. Immediately contact the proper authorities such as the police. In slip and fall cases notify the property owner or premises manager

2. Get the name, address, and phone number of all persons involved in the collision (including insurance information) and all witnesses.

3. Seek medical attention for any physical injuries that you sustain in the accident.

4. Seek legal advice regarding your legal rights.

5. Report the automobile accident to your insurance carrier within 24 hours.

6. Do not make any statements to the negligent party's insurance company adjuster or representative until after you have been fully advised regarding your legal rights.

Do I have to sue my employer to get my workers' compensation (on the job injury) benefits?
In most states (including Missouri) you do not have to file a law suit against your employer to obtain the workers' compensation benefits for an injury on the job. In order to protect your rights, claim forms must be filed with the appropriate administrative law agency (in Missouri the Division of Workers' Compensation).
How quickly do I need to get an attorney relative to my accident and/or job injury?
Every personal injury case and job accident claim must be filed with the appropriate court or administrative agency within certain deadlines. Failure to file the claim in a timely manner can forever prevent you from ever filing or pursuing your claim. You should seek immediate legal advice regarding your rights and the deadlines for filing your legal claims.
I cannot afford to pay an attorney or legal expenses. Will your law firm help me?
YES! You do not pay us any attorney's fees until you obtain a money settlement or judgment. Call us today for a FREE telephone consultation and evaluation of your case. 314-727-3334
Do I need an attorney? Why shouldn't I try to first settle my case with the insurance company?
If you are injured in an negligence accident or if you file a workers' compensation claim, you will deal with a highly trained insurance company adjuster and/or their attorney. The insurance adjuster and their attorney are employed by the insurance company and THEY ARE NOT HIRED TO ACT ON YOUR BEHALF OR IN YOUR BEST INTEREST. They will not give you legal advice and they will not tell you what you need to do to protect your claim. Instead, they will be acting in the best interest of the insurance company and not you.

Sometimes injured people innocently make incomplete statements, or fail to fully provide information that is important to their case. An experienced attorney acting on your behalf will insure that all the facts and evidence that is beneficial to your case is presented.

The negligent parties' insurance company and workers' compensation insurance companies immediately assign a professional adjuster and/or an attorney the day they are notified of your injury claim. These professionals start protecting their rights as soon as possible. WHO WILL PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS? Call Alif A. Williams, ESQ as soon as possible after you are injured. 314-727-3334.
What are my rights under Missouri law if I am injured at work?
In Missouri you have the right to receive medical treatment for an on the job injury, at your employer's expense. You may also receive (statutorily prescribed) weekly money compensation while you are recovering from your injuries. Once you recover from your injuries, you may be entitled a lump sum payment to compensate for any permanent partial disabilities that you sustained as a result of your job injury. You may also be entitled to other future benefits such as future medical treatment, medications and future disability payments.
How much time do I have to pursue my personal injury, workers’ compensation (job injury), medical malpractice or wrongful death case?

All legal matters have time deadlines (called the statute of limitations). All legal matters are time sensitive. The time deadline depends on the type of case, the state in which the legal claim occurred, and whether the person injured is an adult or a minor. For example, the deadline for adults involved in an automobile accident that occurs in Missouri is five years and two years for automobile accidents that occur in Illinois. That time period will be longer for a minor. Different time periods apply to other types of legal matters. Some legal matters require that certain notices must to be given within veryshort times (30 to 90 days depending on the type of case). DO NOT LET THE TIME RUN OUT ON YOUR CASE. CALL US TODAY FOR A FREE TELEPHONE CONSULTATION TO FIND OUT YOUR RIGHTS AND DUTIES UNDER THE LAW. 314-727-3334